The Ring

Story of the game

According to the legend, some time ago,  in this very place some frightening things have happened. You’ve probably heard about the story of the girl who was thrown down a well by her own parents because they thought she was cursed. It is thought that this place is damned ever since. The bizarre events at OLDHORSE FARM an old abandoned metro station are indubitably caused by the fact that the station was built on the spot where Samara lived with her parents. Through the years the adventurers have discovered several tunnels and secret passages in the area locked by the authorities years ago. Some of them disappeared mysteriously, the ones who managed to get out are under neurological treatment even today. You and your team, have made a bold decision, to unfold the mysteries and expose the cursed station.   






Age Limit 16+

Only 3 rooms available for today.


Sunday \ 2022-09-25 \ The Ring

\ 2022-09-25 \ The Ring

Monday \ 2022-09-26 \ The Ring

\ 2022-09-26 \ The Ring

Tuesday \ 2022-09-27 \ The Ring

\ 2022-09-27 \ The Ring