Prison Break

Story of the game

Like many others, you have probably imagined how it would be to escape from a prison. Stay cool, you are not the first. Even though an escape route has been already meticulously planned by the inmates before you, few have succeeded to find their way out. Tens of years of preparation, tunnel digging and hopes have been invested in secretly building the path to liberty. Nobody says it’s easy, only as a team you can do the job, you will have to rely on each other. Foul the guard, ESCAPE! 






Age Limit 13

Only 3 rooms available for today.


Friday \ 2021-07-30 \ Prison Break

\ 2021-07-30 \ Prison Break

Saturday \ 2021-07-31 \ Prison Break

\ 2021-07-31 \ Prison Break

Sunday \ 2021-08-01 \ Prison Break

\ 2021-08-01 \ Prison Break

What if during the game a person wants to get out but the team wants to play?

The player presses the panic button by the door, goes out, and the team can play on.

What happens if I can not go out within an hour?

In this case, the moderator of the game will open the door.