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For companies- why? Probably your company gives away perks or organizes social activities for  it’s employees sometimes, the experiences which can be acquired during an escape game represent the best opportunity for team building like activities or just as an incentive. Our company has the capacity to host a group of 18 players at a time.

For employees - advantages Often people live by the false supposition that they know their fellow colleagues and have a well defined opinion about their talents or abilities. Our games are ideal for strengthening the relation between the members in an extraprofessional environment, in a fun way and gives them the opportunity to interact and discover each other's hidden skills.

For Human Resources Our services can represent a support for certain assessments done during company  training, they enhance loyalty and speed up fresh employee’s integration in the organisation. On the other hand they have a beneficial effect on the process of coordination and organization of work on the long term with deductible costs.